Paying Too Much For College

Hi All!

I encourage you to read Lynn O’Shaughnessy’s essay on research universities, because it is right on target.  Today’s “research university” is a different institution from what they used to be in the 60’s and 70’s.

I have taught at a research university and at liberal arts colleges and Lynn’s points are accurate.  At a research university faculty priorities are research and graduate students.  I had colleagues at the Univ. of Oklahoma that retired and had never taught an undergraduate class.

I still have contact with some students that I taught at small colleges.  The only students I have contact with from the university are my doctoral students.

Read the article on research universities and share your thoughts with the group. Is this something we should be covering when we are comparing colleges with our ASPIRE students? Things we could be thinking about.

Cheers, George

George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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