Colleges Help Prepare Students For Careers

Hi All

I thought that the article below was thought provoking.  At the college level internships, practicum’s, and volunteer work has been an important aspect of a college education.  When I was a professor we required all of the psychology majors to do a supervised practicum and met weekly in a class setting to discuss mental health law, ethics, career options, etc.  Upon college graduation the practicum experience opened doors to jobs and graduate school for our students.

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm and have plenty of opportunities to explore adult work and experiences.  By the time I graduated from HS I had paid off a number of bank loans (to purchase cattle, cars, etc) and had a savings and checking account.  My sense is that many HS students today do not have an opportunity to explore adulthood a step at a time.

I see a lot of time, resources and energy put into HS sports.

What could we in ASPIRE do to  encourage our students  to explore their interests and talents in community service, part-time work, etc?

What are your thoughts or suggestions?

Click here: XBA programs can help colleges prepare students for careers (essays) | Inside Higher Ed



George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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