College Admissions from an Insiders Perspective

Hi All

As we work with students on completing their college admissions applications we should appreciate where they end up and the purpose of a college admissions department. The essay below by a Dean of Admissions at Pitzer provides some insight into the college admissions world.

Click here: Essay on becoming an admissions dean | Inside Higher Ed

Colleges are special kinds of businesses and admissions is one of the revenue streams, a really big stream.  Admissions is charged with bring in a diverse freshman class, of a certain size, with the most talented students, and that enhances the reputation of the college.  The size and amount of revenue  the class generates impacts the colleges bottom line.

The link of admissions to the financial aid office is a symbiotic relationship.  Both offices represent their institution and it’s needs.

From an ASPIRE perspective what is our responsibilities to students and families in terms of admissions and financial aid? I suggest that we have a different perspective and stance. What are your thoughts?



George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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