Part Time Work in High School

Hi All

Below is a link to some research that addresses part time work in high school.  I get asked by parents, what do you think of my son/daughter working during the school year? The answer is more complex that they wish to hear but there are some general considerations…

1.) What is the quality of the work?

2.) How much work each week?

3.) Is the work during the school year or summer?

4.) How will the earnings be used?

5.) How does your child manage time and school work?

School work should be the primary focus, but generally speaking a good student can manage 10-12 hours of work per week without seriously impacting their GPA.  As a student works longer hours each week the GPA begins to fall. I assume that the time spent working comes out of TV watching, playing games, etc not time spent on school work.

Click here: Should Your Child Have a Job In High School?

Some related research on college students that work part time has similar findings as the high school research.  One finding is that college students that work 10-15 hours per week often do better academically because they must manage their time efficiently.

Any thoughts on the topic of student working in high school or college?

Cheers, George

P.S.  I find it interesting that parents seldom ask, how much time should my student spend on sports each week?

George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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