Top Seven Things to Keep in Mind During the School Year

  1. First Things First 

This one really important for Seniors and Families who have applied for admittance to schools and universities.  The subject is: Evaluating College Financial Aid Award Letters. Learn how to assess each award letter and compare the award letters in order to make informed financial decisions.  The largest award package is not always the best option!

  1. SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH:  Check the Websites

Seniors – are you checking the ASPIRE website frequently for updated scholarship info? 

  1. SAT TESTING:  Junors – Heads UP!

All JUNIORS planning or even thinking about attending a 4-year university should be registered for a testing session sooner than later. Take the test in May so if you are disappointed with results, you’ll have the whole summer to prepare for a retake in September.  Remember, only the best scores are sent on to your selected schools.  Register at

  1. SAT PREPARATION:  A Key to Success

It’s a fact – those who prepare do better!  CollegeBoard offers free Question of the Day, Sample Test Questions, and a Complete Practice Test on its website.  Pick the SAT tab.  CollegeBoard has just announced they are also using Khan Academy ( as a partner for SAT preparation. We suggest you sign up there and give it a try.

5.  MANAGED SCHOLARSHIPS:  Watch for Application Details

Please note that the 4 OSAC Personal Statements are required. Several other scholarships ask for additional essay work.

  1. COMING EVENTS:  College Campus Visits 

Make sure you are attending some college visits to really get a feel for what you’d be in for if you attended that college.

  1. GRADES:  Don’t Lettum Slip!

We noticed a few GPAs drop last semester.  PLEASE – don’t stumble this semester.  Spring is a challenging and tempting time for focus on studies.   Do yourself a favor and really work on your academics.  There’s big payoff for the effort; even more payoff than prom, track, baseball, fishing, daydreaming, wishing, or sun tanning!  Remember that it takes a 2.75 or greater cumulative GPA to get into a 4-year university.  AND – NO D’s in core subjects.



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