Why We Should All Think About Planning Ahead. No, Seriously.

Hi All

The three College Board 2013 reports provide some great data on college benefits (college pays), college costs and college financial aid.

Below is the link to financial aid.

College Board Trends

In Oregon we are aware of the “pay it forward” legislation and the concern regarding college debt, from $27,000 to 30,000 depending on the report you read.  What is not addressed is whether the student or family did any planning regarding paying for college.

We ASPIRE folks can make a huge contribution by working with families and encouraging them to plan for college costs.  If we can get families to plan and  save (OK, I know it is un-American and not fun) we can reduce Oregon college student debt.  It would be nice to be #1 in the lowest college student debt.

Will and I are going to bat some ideas around on how to reduce debt so stay tuned.

Cheers,  George

George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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