How Application Fees are Effecting College Attendance Rates

Hi All

Here is an article that addresses application fees and under-matching.  This is the time of year that seniors are completing their college applications and the application fees can add up.  Here is what I know about avoiding application fees:

  1. There are need-based SAT application fee waivers.
  2. The OUS system has need-based application fee waivers.  The form is in the OUS Counselors Handbook.
  1. Many colleges will waive the application fee if asked.
  2. In the article below click on the Reed College link and you can read an interesting article on Reed where it announced that it is dropping the application fee.  Later in the article there is a comparison of net cost at Reed, OSU and UofO.

Study finds that small differences in application costs can have big impact | Inside Higher Ed

Getting our students to apply to several good fit colleges is often a challenge because of the application fees.  What solutions have you come up with to assist students?  Share with us your insights!

Cheers,  George

George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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