FAFSA Completion Workshops

We are in the FAFSA season and will be conducting FAFSA completion workshops in January. At McKenzie, we will do our FAFSA Completion workshops as “hands on” experiences and families complete the FAFSA at the workshop.  The advantage of the workshop is that Will and I can answer questions that families may have as they complete the FAFSA.  The goal is to submit an accurate FAFSA in early January so as to be eligible for all federal and state funding that is available.


We have found that students and families need to know how to prepare for filling out the FAFSA. Having them obtain an FSA ID and complete the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet prior to the workshop is important. Below are resources that might be helpful to ASPIRE Mentors.


  1. 2015-16 Counselors and Mentors Handbook on Federal Student Aid.  Will has not posted this on the McKenzie ASPIRE web site since it is written for counselors and mentors.  This is the most current edition.

Click here: https://www.edpubs.gov/document/en1327p.pdf?ck=925

The Handbook provides a good overview of what one needs to know about the FAFSA but it is dated because it discusses signing with a PIN instead of the current FSA ID.


  1. This 86 page document provides an overview of the FAFSA but most importantly explains each question on the FAFSA.  If you are doing a FAFSA workshop and a complex question is raised you can go to this document and the specific FAFSA question to get information.



  1. Will has posted on the McKenzie ASPIRE web site some useful FAFSA documents.  The FSA ID document might be helpful. https://aspireatmckhs.wordpress.com/fafsa/


  1. Here is a link to the McKenzie ASPIRE web site that many ASPIRE Mentors might find helpful.  On this page Will posts the Power Points and the handouts that we use for each workshop.  The materials are current through Workshop #6.  https://aspireatmckhs.wordpress.com/issues-workshops/15-16-workshop-schedule/


If an ASPIRE site wishes to use some of the McKenzie ASPIRE materials that is fine but we would like to be notified and would love feedback on the materials so we can improve.


Cheers,  George
George A. Letchworth, Ph.D.


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