How to Craft a Memorable Essay

A major factor in a student’s scholarship application process is to craft compelling essays that demonstrate their unique skills, interests, and achievements. Knowing how to craft an effective essay is one of the keys to giving students the best chance at earning scholarships.


Before a student’s essay review, here are a few questions they should ask themselves:


  1. Is it original? No two applications are alike and scholarship boards will recognize immediately if it does not fit their requirements. Make sure each essay follows the guidelines for each individual application.
  2. Did you answer the question? Many applications will ask you to answer a question in your essay. Make sure your writing answers the question. If the question has more than one part, be sure to address all components.
  3. Are you passionate about the topic? Choosing a topic that is meaningful to you helps give passion to your writing. Your objective is to convince someone else that they should invest their scholarship in you – be passionate.
  4. Is your essay memorable? Scholarship boards receive hundreds of applications – what stands out about yours? Does it emphasize what’s unique about you?
  5. Check and double-check your grammar and spelling. There is nothing worse than spending the time to write a well-crafted essay and have a few spelling errors ruin its merit. Don’t just use spell-check to review your essay. Print it out, read it backwards for spelling errors and have a respected critic review your writing.

For more tips on creating effective essays, download this Checklist for Submitting Applications and Essays.

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